Our Vision: 

Maryhurst dares to imagine communities free of abuse and
filled with hope for every child and family. 


Maryhurst is a place of new beginnings for children who have been traumatized by unimaginable abuse. Founded by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in 1843, Maryhurst is the oldest child welfare agency in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Five courageous Sisters established a home in Louisville where they began a long history of caring for children who have been mistreated and cast aside by the world. Today we operate under an independent board of directors and management team but still hold firmly to the Good Shepherd values and principles passed down to us. As a private, non-profit agency, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families in greatest need.

Maryhurst has been recognized twice by ABC News[1] as a site for best practices. We are the only agency in Kentucky serving adolescent girls who have been designated by state officials as their most difficult-to-place children. These youth struggle with such significant emotional disabilities and behavioral challenges that they normally have to be placed in out-of-state facilities for treatment. Maryhurst, however, has stepped up to the challenge of serving these children because this is our mission.

Maryhurst has developed a continuum of care that allows us to provide a wide range of expert clinical, educational, and health and wellness services in order to appropriately and cost-effectively serve children during various stages of their treatment needs. Our programs include an intensive campus-based residential treatment program, two community-based therapeutic group homes, and treatment foster care. Many of our foster care placements turn into adoptions, creating “forever families” each year. We have also established collaborative relationships with a number of community partners, one of which, MB Care, provides Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services to adolescent girls.

We work hard to provide consistency, structure and love for children. It is because of this philosophy and the hard work of our staff and volunteers that our programs are successful. Today, Maryhurst provides programs that address the unique needs of more than 300 children and their families each year.

[1] ABC News Primetime, June 2006, “Calling All Angels” (hosted by Diane Sawyer)

ABC News 20/20, December 2011, “Generation Meds” (hosted by Diane Sawyer)