fbpx 180 for 180 pledge – Maryhurst

$15/mo is all it takes

A $180 pledge can change a child's life

In honor of Maryhurst's 180 years of service in the community, we've begun a special fundraiser: become a new $15/month donor, and we'll direct your gift to one of our most impactful projects: stocking the Maryhurst Boutique, which supplies incoming foster youth with the essentials that they need to feel cared for, dignified, and ready to being their next chapter.

Why your gift matters

Often, youth arrive at our residential campus with little more than a handful of belongings. The earliest hours and days that a child spends on our campus are critically important to their experience; we work to create a trusting, dignifying, and affirming environment in what can be a moment of confusion or anger. As part of that, we make sure that any child coming to campus receives a welcome package full of all the things they'll need to settle in: clothes, hygiene products, personal care goods, bedding, and more.

We always need to replenish our supply of these items, so we've designed a monthly giving fundraiser so that our boutique - where these goods are kept - is always stocked. 

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