Aftercare Services

Ensuring success into adulthood

Currently, almost 60 Kentucky youth “age out” of the foster care system each month & must discontinue seeing case managers who have been reliable supports. With aftercare services from Maryhurst, we make sure no youth exiting our program goes without the kind of resources they need to learn, thrive, and achieve lasting independence. 

Maryhurst works with dozens of children annually who are approaching their 18th birthday, and with it, the challenges of early adulthood. We work with hundreds more who will leave Maryhurst and move on to other settings like foster homes or family reunification. This transition can be difficult, and no amount of general transitional living courses can fully prepare a young person for the unique needs they may encounter as they follow their chosen path into independence.

That's why, for each child leaving our care, our aftercare counselors initiate weekly check-ins to ease their exit from Maryhurst and into their next chapters. If a child needs help with housing, filling out student aid forms, or completing job applications, our aftercare team is there to help. We also hold regular support groups and skills sessions where kids can return and interact with peers.

The mission of our aftercare program is simple: all kids leaving Maryhurst will know we’re rooting for their success and we’re here for them, even in times of crisis.