July 31, 2019

Building Community @ Maryhurst

A recent staff training focused on how we bring community to ourselves and those we serve

Every day, the staff at Maryhurst works directly with kids and families whose communities have been harmed. If we aren't intentional, the tremendous hope, resilence and strength that live in our communities can be clouded by economic or interpersonal stressors. We're always better when we lift each other up!

That's why we took a moment recently to reflect as a staff on the kind of community we want to cultivate with the children and families we serve. A big part of that work, of course, is taking stock on who we are as a staff community. We came together to share about our own differences and similarities, and we described our community in our own words. Here are a few ways we collectively described ourselves:

The community at Maryhurst is a group of people who . . .

  • care
  • have a shared mission
  • are passionate about what we do
  • see the value of each individual’s struggles
  • sacrifice
  • are givers
  • look out for each other
  • come together to serve
  • have strength (both inner and outer)
  • uplift young people
  • share a common purpose and vision
  • care about others
  • empower families
  • have strong survival instincts
  • are resilient
  • work to promote self and group growth
  • save kids’ lives and strengthen families
  • sacrifice and are vulnerable
  • are not always perfect
  • encourage individuality
  • promote forgiveness
  • serve those in the most need
  • need each other
  • eat and love food
  • accept challenges
  • are creative
  • are fun
  • never give up
  • take pride in the work we do
  • are seekers of self-care
  • care
  • practice zeal
  • are merciful
  • are creative
  • have patience
  • show up
  • know challenges
  • are empathic
  • are strong
  • make a difference
  • work together
  • struggle
  • advocate
  • support each other
  • are resilient
  • are diverse
  • are compassionate
  • put kids’ needs before our own
  • are resilient
  • are diverse
  • are devoted
  • are supportive
  • sacrifice
  • are impartial
  • are underpaid
  • show love and compassion
  • advocate
  • have a common purpose
  • are outspoken
  • never give up
  • embody the core values
  • are elite
  • are role models
  • are tired
  • have fun
  • are mentors
  • are healers
  • are passionate
  • are heroes

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