Independent Living

Empowering survivors.

For kids and families exiting our care, our transitional living staff provides knowledgeable support and smart recommendations on which community resources will be the most helpful. We care about the kids and families we serve, and we want to be sure they have the tools they need to achieve success in whatever step comes next for them.

To that end, we offer weekly skills classes aimed at older youth that utilize the Kentucky State Independent Living Curriculum. Key elements of these transitional courses include: health and wellness, financial attainment and stability, housing, education and community resource navigation.

Throughout our programs, Maryhurst integrates life skills such as cooking, baking, community activism and advocacy, healthy relationship management, educational attainment, financial literacy, job readiness, networking, and community building.

For kids in our care that have earned their high school diploma or GED, Maryhurst’s Day Program partners with Louisville-area mentors and institutions to bring community involvement, vocational training, and enrichment opportunities during school hours.

Taken together, these transitional living resources offer survivors of trauma a chance to overcome adversity and achieve enduring success.


Tiffany Farris
Vice President, Operations