About Us

Our Vision: Communities free of abuse and filled with hope for every child and family.

Our Mission

To strengthen and empower children and families in greatest need.

In Kentucky, a state with an alarmingly high child abuse rate, Maryhurst is strengthening kids’ lives. Our work prevents abuse, restores hope, and empowers survivors.

At the first sign of conflict, Maryhurst’s counseling program partners with families to strengthen relationships and protect kids’ safety. For girls whose histories of trauma have left them without a safe home, our residential programs provide a place of healing. As soon as kids are ready, our transitional living and aftercare services create pathways to permanency, stability and better futures.

We believe that strong family relationships are the foundation of healthy growth. Some form of family development — be it strengthening existing bonds or building new ones — is a goal we set with every child in our care.

Our Core Values

Individual Worth

Recognizing the dignity of each person, striving to treat each person with respect, giving them the opportunity for growth and individual expression.


Working together in harmony, resolving conflicts, promoting open communication and discovering personal peace and peace in relationships.


Acting with compassion and kindness, recognizing that all people sometimes make mistakes and need the support of others.


The passionate giving of our time and talents in service of the welfare of others and the betterment of our world, love in action.

Our History

175 years ago, our founders promised to champion the needs of the area’s most vulnerable children, especially those turned away by all others.


We’re proud to have capable and passionate leaders serving on our executive team and our Board of Directors.

Financial Transparency

Our reports and filings contain information about our operations and how your donations are put to use.


Have you always wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids and families who are hurting?

The Journey

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