Our Impact

Rediscovering strengths that transform lives.

The work we do together can be difficult. It takes extraordinary effort and dedication on the part of staff, volunteers, community members and especially survivors. But the result is inspiring: kids and families who once again believe in themselves and their ability to lead fulfilled, meaningful lives.

The Situation

The child abuse rate in Kentucky is climbing, affecting kids well into adulthood.

People who suffer trauma as children experience changes to their brains' chemistry and development. These effects are long-lasting, impacting survivors’ physical and mental health. Children who have endured trauma live with increased risk of harmful behaviors, lowered self-worth and a distrust that threatens interpersonal connection with others. Without the right kind of restorative work, the cycle of abuse continues.

How We Help

We work together with kids and families to build resilience and a sense of worth.

Because we believe each child is inherently worthy of life, we’ve made a promise to be attentive to the messages and humanity behind each behavior, negative or otherwise. Our relationships with kids and families are partnerships. We treat survivors with respect and trust them as the experts of their own lived experience. We work to transform the lives of more than 800 children and their families every single year.

About Maryhurst

Founded in 1843, we are the oldest nonprofit in the state of Kentucky serving kids and families facing crisis.