Ongoing needs

Many times residents on our campus arrive with only a few items packed in a trash bag. Some come to Maryhurst with nothing at all.

As soon as a child arrives at Maryhurst’s campus, she receives a set of health & hygiene items, personal care products, and clothing. Entering residential care can be a difficult transition, and we do everything we can to make the experience of coming to Maryhurst comfortable and reassuring.

The items listed here are more than just living essentials – they represent ways for the children we serve to feel at ease and open to working together with our staff and begin overcoming their trauma. 

Health & Hygiene Items:

  • Basket (water-resistant)
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush
  • Body Wash (unscented)
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (both Caucasian & African American-specific products needed)
  • Hair Moisturizer – Coconut Oil
  • Hair Brush (both bristle brush and cushion brushes)
  • Pony Tail Holders, Headbands, and Scarf Head Wrap or Sleep Turban

Personal Care Products:

  • XL Twin Comforter & Sheet Sets & Pillowcases
  • MP3 player (no camera)
  • Journals & Gel Pens (no spiral bound)
  • Young Adult Books
  • Fidget Toys & Sensory Items
  • Word Search and Puzzle Books

Sensory Items:

  • Fidget Items
  • Body Socks
  • Weighted Vests/Belts
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Vibrating Floor Pads
  • Therapy Putty
  • Kinetic Sand 

New Clothing:

  • Underwear (adult sizes: S – XXL)
  • Sports Bras (adult sizes: S – XXL)
  • Socks (all sizes)
  • Sweatpants “Jogger Style” (adult sizes: S – XXL)
  • Athletic Shoes (adult sizes: 5 – 11)
  • Slide Sandals (adult sizes: 5 – 11)
  • Pajama Top & Bottom Sets (adult sizes: S – XXL)
  • Crew Neck Sweatshirts – without images or writing, any color (adult sizes: XS – XXL)
  • T-shirts - long and short sleeve, without images or writing (adult sizes: XS – XXL)
  • Jeans (junior sizes: 0 – 17) (women’s sizes: 0 – 18) (plus sizes: 18 – 24)

Arts and Crafts:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes

  • Glue Sticks

  • Construction Paper

  • Sketch Books

  • 12×12 Canvas Boards

  • Colored Pencils

  • Markers

  • Crayons

  • Poster Board

Gift Cards & Admission Tickets

Though we do our best to keep a basic wardrobe onsite for kids arriving at Maryhurst with no personal belongings, it’s often the case that we need to shop for items that meet individual needs in sizing and style.

We utilize donated gift cards for these cases. We can use $25 gift cards from the following stores:

  • Target
  • Meijer
  • Walmart
  • Old Navy
  • Kohl’s
  • Ross

Consider donating gift cards to these restaurants, as well:

  • McDonald's

  • Taco Bell

  • Chick-fil-A

  • Subway

An important part of the personal development goals for the kids in our programs involves outings in the community. In order to ease the cost burden of these activities, we utilize donated tickets and gift cards.

Consider donating admission tickets to the following community locations:

  • House of Boom

  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park

  • All About Kids

  • Champs Rollerdome

  • Iceland Sports Complex

  • Cinemark Tinseltown USA Movie Theatres

  • AMC Stoneybrook 20

  • Kentucky Kingdom

  • Kings Island

  • Holiday World


When the children in our residential program aren’t at school or participating in designated therapeutic sessions, it’s important that they have a chance to relax and focus on being a kid. We have a ‘boutique’ on campus that children frequently visit and select items that fit their individual personality and tastes.

If you’d like to bring joy and enrichment to the lives of the young survivors in our programs, consider making a donation from the list of our most commonly requested items:

  • Fidget Toys
  • Teenage-Appropriate Books or Magazines
  • MP3 player (with no camera)
  • $5 gift cards to Target, Walmart, McDonalds, or Chick-fil-A
  • Candy & snacks (Ramen noodles are a favorite)
  • Journals & Gel Pens (please no spiral-bound journals)
  • Deck of Cards or Crossword Puzzle Books

Here are some ideas for assembling an all-in-one basket for recreational activities! Plan for 15 when creating your basket.

Movie Basket – Select a few teenage-appropriate DVD’s, popcorn, and candy for a movie night.

Halloween Basket – Small pumpkins and painting supplies will create a fun autumn activity.

Book Club Basket – Select a teenage-appropriate book that each girl can read and discuss – include hot chocolate and marshmallows for sipping during the book discussion.

Scrapbook Basket – Fill this basket with stickers, fun scrapbook paper and other scrapbooking supplies for a scrapbook night.

Greeting Card Basket – Greeting card kits will allow kids in our care to send cards to family and friends.

Baking Basket – Supply the ingredients and utensils for cookies or brownies and the girls can learn about baking.

Game Basket – Select a few board games and snacks for a fun game night.

We cannot accept items in aerosol or glass containers.
We cannot accept nail polish or makeup in glass containers.
We cannot accept picture frames with glass or mirrors.

For more information, please contact: Amanda Adams at 502-271-4588 or