MB Care Psychiatric Residential

Building relationships that lead to stability.

For children struggling with emotional or behavioral disorders, the cycle of treatment can feel like a revolving door. Soon after being discharged from a stay at a psychiatric hospital, a stressful event can begin the process all over again.

Too often, families are left without a clear answer on how to achieve lasting stability.

Maryhurst’s MB Care Program serves girls who are dealing with psychiatric issues like depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

The program, led by onsite, highly trained clinical staff, is housed at Brooklawn's campus. Girls live in one cottage and attend Maryhurst's Jefferson County Public School.

By participating in collaborative therapies with staff in a structured environment, children strengthen their capacities for building and maintaining healthy relationships. The program provides short-term, intensive therapeutic treatment and focuses on improving the skills needed to safely re-enter the home and school environments.

Family reunification and permanency are our guiding principles. Most girls return home following treatment.