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Where there is hurt, there is Renewal.

The stressors of everyday life and difficult past experiences can be overwhelming, and sometimes they can contribute to struggles with behavioral health or family stability. The team at Maryhurst Renewal partners with children, adults and families who are hurting to find the right combination of support, ultimately clearing barriers to success at home, at school, and in the community. Renewal provides one-on-one, group and family counseling in office-, home- or school-based settings.

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How we help:

Individual and Family Therapy

If you or a family member are experiencing concerning mood patterns or unsafe behaviors, our therapy program can help. We offer mental health counseling for kids, adults, and families, including for children with complex medical needs. Specializations include:

  • Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CBT, DBT)
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Community Support Services

If you or your child are feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day activities or need help applying tools learned in therapy, Maryhurst Renewal's Community Support Services can help. We offer practical, in-the-moment help for families as they navigate behavioral issues and establish healthy practices. Services include:

  • Crisis coping
  • Emotional regulation
  • Classroom assistance
  • Family routine structuring

Targeted Case Management

If you need help with family necessities like food, shelter, or education, our targeted case management (TCM) service may be the right fit for you. The Renewal TCM team helps families identify and access the medical, social, and educational services available to them, including:

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) planning
  • Food resources
  • Coordinating appointments and billing
  • Housing assistance for adults

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

If you or your child is seeking a better understanding of the underlying 'why' behind behavior -- as well as reinforcements that encourage helpful behavior habits while addressing harmful habits, ABA might be for you. We examine behaviors within both the client and how caregivers interact with the client. We work with individuals of all ages, diagnoses, and needs to:

  • Teach life skills
  • Address behaviors related to trauma history
  • Accommodate the client’s unique needs
  • Create structures to support cooperation between the client and those around them

Psychiatric Services*

If you’ve been referred to a psychiatrist or diagnosed with a mental illness, receiving psychiatric services through Renewal can help by providing access to medicines that complement your other behavioral health treatments. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined services
  • Ensured collaboration between your providers/care teams

* - only available to Renewal clients accessing one of the other three services


Becca Short, LCSW

Vice President, Renewal Counseling Services

Jonathan R. Ruckman, JD, LCSW

Clinical Director
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