Community and
Transitional Living

A pathway to independence.

Though often taken for granted, successfully living on one’s own is a complex task that requires a mix of skills and habits that must be learned in a safe, calm environment. Maryhurst’s community and transitional living programs offer exactly that: tools that prepare survivors of abuse and neglect for better, more hope-filled futures.

Community Living

Located in a neighborhood home in the Louisville area, Maryhurst’s community living program prepares young women to live on their own or their right next step. Residents of the community living program collaborate with onsite youth counselors and life-skills specialists and therapists to develop personal identities, healthy relationships, future plans, and the right tools to manage emotion.

Transitional Living

Offered at varying levels of depth­­­ to youth in all of our programs, Maryhurst’s transitional living skills training includes: healthy relationship curricula, employment training, financial literacy, guidance to secure affordable housing, and other important skills required for independence.