Community Based Living

The right next step.

There are two Maryhurst community-based living programs, both of which are housed in homes integrated into Louisville neighborhoods. The programs, described below, match their services to the needs of the young women they serve.


Located in the Clifton neighborhood, Rosehaven serves young women (ages 16 - 21) who have been traumatized by repeated abuse and/or neglect. Using treatment approaches that are grounded in evidence and sensitive to trauma, Rosehaven strengthens life skills through education, employment and volunteer services. The program collaborates with youth to develop their personal identities, healthy decision-making skills, and a sense of self-worth. Rosehaven is often the right in-between step after an intensive residential program but before independent living.

Treasure Home:

Located in Fern Creek, Treasure Home serves young women (up to age 21) with cognitive delays who have suffered abuse and neglect. The program focuses on community integration while still offering an intensive staff-to-client ratio and a high degree of structure and support. While continuing to recognize the ongoing treatment needs of each individual, the program emphasizes independence from restrictive institutional settings by teaching activities of daily living and pre-employment skills.


Marsha Esarey
Vice President, Community Based Residential & Foster Care
Jennifer White
Admissions Coordinator