March 01, 2022

Contact your legislators today to support Maryhurst!

Legislative session – when Kentucky senators and representatives meet in Frankfort to discuss policy, new laws, and the state’s budget – is an important moment for youth advocates in our state.

There are several important pieces of legislation that can tangibly improve the lives and circumstances for children in Kentucky – further protecting those who are at risk of harm, acting quickly to help those who have survived abuse, etc.

We hope you’ll review all relevant pieces of policy and voice your support, but today we’re asking you for your help on a critical item: securing much-needed funding for girls who have survived Kentucky’s most severe cases of abuse and neglect.

As budget deliberations continue, your phone calls using the script below can bring Maryhurst some incredibly important funding for the next several years as we work with these girls and young women. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Call the Legislative Research Commission message line at 1-800-372-7181
  2. Give them your name and zip code and ask to send a message to the following:
  1. Read this script for your message, “As a Maryhurst supporter and advocate for Kentucky children, I am asking for your support of a $1.35 million request, previously submitted to the budget office, for additional funding for 5-Specialized residential programs serving youth in foster care with the most complex needs. There is currently no increase for this critical service in House Bill 1 which will leave a vital State program dangerously underfunded.  Thank you.” 

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