March 16, 2020

COVID-19 and Maryhurst

We'll keep this page updated with Maryhurst-related Coronavirus information


Donations & Community Support

Because the children in our residential programs have postponed outings (including travel to and from schools that have been closed), staff is experiencing a greater need for supplies in our cottages. In addition, we know many of the families we work with in the community are among those feeling immediate impact from the economic consequences of the pandemic. We are ramping up resources to be sure all the families we serve are meeting basic needs. 

You can view our updated list of immediate needs here.

Thank you for your interest in supporting us - it will make a difference in the lives of children and families who are hurting!



Client and staff safety is always a top priority for our programs.

Based on general precautions recommended by public health experts in the wake of COVID-19’s spread, we’ve decided to postpone non-treatment-related group visits to our facilities. Lunch & Learns and group volunteer activities will be rescheduled. Individual visitors are being restricted to those deemed medically necessary by state workers or Maryhurst clinicians. They will be subject to a health screening before any form of client contact.

On our residential campuses, kids live together in shared cottages staffed by our counselors.  Like all healthcare facilities, we're taking added precautions. Staff and clients are practicing social distancing where appropriate and possible.  To protect everyone's safety, our campus is observing heightened attention to (and communication around) the proper use of sanitizer and cleaning agents. Quarantine plans have been made for any child in our residential program developing symptoms and returning a positive COVID-19 test. Immunocompromised staff have been given the option to work from home, and Disability Leave benefits have been temporarily expanded. Our community-based therapists are used to meeting with children and families in their homes. We've moved counseling clients to telehealth options as technology permits.

Since mid-March, Maryhurst has convened a special COVID-19 taskforce led by our on-staff nurse manager and operations chief. We've collaborated closely with local health officials to make sure employees observe all recommended guidance as it was released. These measures have included cloth mask requirements, handwashing and sanitation protocols, and six feet of physical distancing whenever possible.

Beginning in the first week of April, Maryhurst health services department has performed daily temperature checks and routine health screenings at its facilities to ensure that no one with active symptoms reports to work. After receiving the news of positive tests, we've promptly reported each case through official channels and has taken additional steps to limit staff travel between campuses and campus buildings.

We are still hiring. We know many service industry employees have been forced to leave work due to business closures, and we welcome applications from anyone who may have found themselves out of work unexpectedly. 

We are reformatting our Journey of Hope Luncheon, originally scheduled for May 15th,  into a weeklong virtual Week of Hope event running from 9/28-10/2. The virtual celebration will include video testimonials, personalized donation goals, and more!

If you have a question about a particular meeting, you may reach out to your point of contact at Maryhurst or the general info inbox at



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