November 30, 2019

Gift Drive Champion

We’re collecting holiday gifts for the children and families in our care from now until mid-December. Kathy Schoen has been supporting our gift drive for 25 years.

Kathy Schoen first heard about Maryhurst when she was a sophomore at Assumption High school in 1971. A teacher of hers was discussing volunteer opportunities with her and suggested she consider working with the residents at Maryhurst.

At the time, Maryhurst operated solely as a residential facility located in the Portland neighborhood. Kathy’s teacher drove her and some peers to Maryhurst several times per month to visit with girls living at our campus and encourage them, do crafts, and other recreational activities.

Kathy never forgot the time she spent with Maryhurst, and the mission remained important to her as she graduated and moved into adulthood.

In 1994, she became the chair of St. Albert’s social concerns committee, which directs the parish’s charitable involvement. Kathy heard about Maryhurst collecting holiday gifts for the children in our care, and she knew right away she had to help.

In the time since then, St. Alberts – led by Kathy – has never missed a year of participating in our holiday gift drive. Today, they collect over 100 gifts, an amount we’ve come to rely on to make sure dozens of children have a positive and uplifting holiday season.

Thank you, Kathy!

As Maryhurst grows, we need more gift drive champions like Kathy. If you’d like to participate in Maryhurst’s 2019 holiday gift drive, visit this page for details.

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