March 19, 2018

Learning Resiliency through Adventure

In December, the Maryhurst Foster Care program began a partnership with Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass, a nonprofit dedicated to changing lives through outdoor experiences. Through the partnership, children in foster care are learning trust, communication, & team work skills.

On December 12, Maryhurst foster families visited the Life Adventure Center for the first of a four session program series designed by LAC Executive Director Tim Magill and Maryhurst Foster Care Director Lori Mangum.

The series was created with the specific goal of helping improve outcomes for children exiting residential placements (such as Maryhurst’s Dorsey Lane campus) and entering family-based placements like foster homes.

The programming at LAC includes equine-assisted learning, physical challenge courses, and meditation & labyrinth experiences. As the parents and teens in our foster families complete the series, they will learn how best to relate, love and overcome difficulties with one another.

Here’s more from LAC:

We believe that nature is one of the greatest sources of healing from trauma. We offer a place of rest for those needing a sanctuary from whatever is troubling them and also a place to connect with people dealing with similar, challenging circumstances.

Through meditation, reflection, and the use of our programming, participants are able to find inner strength to overcome whatever challenge they may find themselves facing, and also start to let go of whatever pain is holding them back.

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