One Maryhurst Plan

Commitment to Community

We are stronger when we’re an active part of community-wide change. We seek to collaborate with partners on efforts that move us toward a shared vision of healthy, vibrant communities. With humility and a desire to learn, we can use Maryhurst’s influence to bring awareness and resources to important community issues.

The work of the Commitment to Community pillar is divided among two key Work Areas, each with their own set of objectives:

  1. Work Area 1: Advocate for community-wide change 
    • Provide compelling opportunities for the Maryhurst community be more individually informed and active on public-sector issues
    • Create sharable stories that illustrate why advocacy topics matter
    • Broaden participation in Maryhurst’s institutional advocacy efforts 
  2. Work Area 2: Deepening Maryhurst's role in community partnerships 
    • Complete 'perception in the community' survey
    • Identify training needs of existing or potential new community partners
    • Evaluate relationships with existing community partners


See the Commitment to Community work highlights from Q1 '24