One Maryhurst Plan

Put People First

From youth and families in our programs to the staff who bring our mission to life, people must be our top priority. Maryhurst staff face challenging work and achieve excellence daily; Our workplace should be one that provides a culture of support, chances to grow, and ability for people to be their authentic selves. Our primary duty will always be to create safe, caring spaces where people can succeed.

The work of the Put People First Pillar is divided among two key Work Areas, each with their own set of objectives:

  1. Work Area 1: Our culture and belonging
    • Create an environment where staff feel physically, mentally, emotional, and psychologically safe in the workplace.
    • Leverage communication tools to improve inclusivity, information distribution, clarity, belonging and fun.
    • Expand benefit offerings by identifying and supporting the unique needs of employees 
  2. Work Area 2: Our growth and development
    • Enhance the resources and tools readily available to staff to positively influence quality of care
    • Establish and develop training, coaching, and mentoring programs
    • Create clear and comprehensive "career pathway" resources for professional development


See the Put People First work highlights from Q1 '24