October 31, 2022

Kentucky Association of Health Plans and Maryhurst partner to provide stability and hope for Kentucky families in need

KAHP grants $150,000 to Maryhurst’s Renewal program, bringing critical behavioral and mental health services to the schools and students that need them most

Maryhurst, Kentucky’s oldest child welfare agency, announced today it received $150,000 from the Kentucky Association of Health Plans (KAHP), the trade association representing all commercial insurers and Medicaid managed care plans in the Commonwealth. The grant supports Maryhurst’s Renewal program, which provides critical wraparound services for Kentucky children and families in need.


Maryhurst Renewal partners with local schools and other community agencies to provide services, including individual and family therapy, community support services like classroom assistance, targeted case management in connecting families with food or housing assistance, behavioral analysis and psychiatric services.


“We know that teachers are being asked to do much more than teach these days,” said Tom Stephens, KAHP Executive Director. “That’s why we’re proud to aid Maryhurst in their critical work inside Jefferson County Public Schools tackling the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).  Medicaid managed care organizations are in a unique position to partner for innovative approaches to reduce the social risk factors that negatively impact health − above and beyond what’s possible with traditional fee-for-service or other care models.”


The Renewal program started in 2015 and now serves more than 700 children and families annually. Maryhurst Renewal is currently active in 104 Jefferson County Public Schools, with a high concentration in the South and West parts of the county – areas that have historically lacked adequate access to quality care and services.


The program addresses issues of health equity and access to care by supporting children and families whose circumstances lead to significant vulnerability. Nearly 60% of Renewal clients self-reported living with a parent or caregiver who had mental health issues, more than half said a family member had struggled with substance abuse, and a third said they had experienced housing insecurity.


Maryhurst CEO Paula Garner said KAHP’s grant is instrumental in maintaining the vital care and services families receive through the Renewal program.


“The transformational partnership between KAHP and Maryhurst Renewal fills an important funding gap, ensuring sustained care for families that helps meet their basic needs and removes barriers to their success,” Garner said. “When I think of the impact this grant will have, I think of the children I’ve met through Renewal who arrive in our program feeling isolated and unsure of where they’ll sleep any given night, but over time find the resources and coping skills that allow them to thrive.”


KAHP’s grant will fund therapy and support services for more than 200 families in the coming year. 

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