May 15, 2024

Maryhurst Champion Sponsors

Highlighting the organizational partners who give generously to support our work

Plenty of things about the Maryhurst mission—including our special fundraising events, our inventory of essentials for incoming foster youth, and our community programs—wouldn't be possible without the help from organizational funders.

For events like our Journey of Hope Luncheon, we invite local companies to invest at an uppermost level of commitment - a tier we call "champion sponsors." These champion sponsors, many of whom choose to pledge a multi-year commitment to our work, make a profound impact on Maryhurst's mission. Here's a bit of detail about each of our champion sponsors for 2024:


Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs has supported Maryhurst for many years, from sponsoring our luncheon and polo fundraisers to helping us to create a Derby-season fixture: our Raffle for the Roses, in which we're gifted box seats at the track to raffle off to our community. The Raffle helps us to raise tens of thousands in funding for our mission and endear two lucky winners to our cause each year.




The LG&E and KU Foundation

The earliest bit of support from LG&E to Maryhurst dates back to the 1990s, when they contributed to some of Maryhurst's donation drives. In the time since, they have supported capital projects, program funding, and of course our events. Their investment in the Journey of Hope Luncheon has helped it to grow into the 900+ guest event that has become in recent years. 


Kentucky Association of Health Plans (KAHP)

Maryhurst approached KAHP in 2022, recognizing that the association's funding priorities aligned with the work of our Maryhurst Renewal program. Their multi-year grant includes program funding that will enroll hundreds of local youth and families in therapy, case management, and other mental health supports, ultimately making positive impacts on community-wide social determinants of health. 

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