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March 19, 2018

Maryhurst Arts Earn Recognition

Each year, the Jefferson County Teacher’s Association (JCTA) Human & Civil Rights Committee holds a diversity art contest inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The 2017-2018 winners included two students from Maryhurst Academy.

The theme for this year’s contest centered on a quotation from a Dr. King speech at Cornell College on the topic of fear-based hatred. Student artists at Maryhurst took the content of the quotation and created poems, paintings, and drama that illustrated Dr. King’s message.

The first winner, Maci, contributed a written piece, excerpted below.

The fear I could see was the fear of what I could do to him,

The fear of a little girl who ask a million questions in a million different ways and who tells the same stories to everyone she meets.

 The man,

The monster feared that this bright eyed little girl could ruin his life,

All over his sickness and desires,

All because he choose to harm an innocent bight eyed little girl.

The next winner, another student from Maryhurst Academy, painted the image pictured above, depicting a man and woman facing opposite directions, separated by the words of Dr. King.

Special arts projects at Maryhurst are sponsored by academy instructor MaRi’ Renn.

If you’d like to see more art from Maryhurst students, there is an upcoming exhibit at the Maryhurst Dorsey Lane campus on January 17, from 11:30am – 1pm.

Contact Stacie Vaughn to RSVP.

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