January 31, 2020

Meet Stacey

This month we’re recognizing Stacey Cole, Foodservice Manager, as our Shepherd of the Month.

In addition to keeping the youth in our programs well-fed and maintaining a balanced diet, Stacey always goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the kids feel well cared for.

Here’s what Stacey had to say about her time at Maryhurst:

“I had been working as a certified dietary manager for 25 years when I unexpectedly had a child placed in my care. This baby had been neglected, and when I learned that I knew I had to step up.

My old job kept me away from home for long stretches, so I needed something with different hours. I’d been researching online and found Maryhurst. I knew it was a perfect fit – just with everything I’d been going through.

Now, everyday, I get to look these kids in the eyes and make sure they know someone loves them and cares about them. They call me ‘momma!’

There’s this one girl in particular. She moved on from Maryhurst, was doing really well, but once she left she ran into trouble. Needed to come back. That was hard for her. She was really upset and broke down a little. In that moment, she asked if she could see Ms. Stacey. So they found me and we just talked. She said that helped her feel grounded and safe again.”

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