June 30, 2020

Our CEO Transition is Complete

Welcome Paula Garner as Maryhurst's new CEO!

Back in September of 2019, we announced that Judy Lambeth would be retiring as President and CEO of Maryhurst in June 2020.

Much has happened since September, and no one could have predicted just how eventful Judy’s final few months with the agency would be.

Even as we continue to participate in the shared community moments of a global pandemic and a growing racial justice movement, we felt it was important to take some time to celebrate Judy and her retirement.

Here are five highlights from Judy’s 4+ decade career with Maryhurst:

1. A Model for Aftercare in Kentucky


2. First Therapeutic Foster Care in the State


3. Defining Treatment for Kids Most in Need


4. A National Platform for the Maryhurst Story


5. Preparing the Next Generation

If you’d like to share a message of congratulations for Judy, you can contact info@maryhurst.org. You can also give a gift in her honor!

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