March 19, 2018

Read Our Annual Report

In 2017, the number of kids and families we served grew by nearly 10 percent. Read more in our annual report, Standing Together.

Highlights of the report include:

  • A letter from our CEO, sharing our redoubled commitment to creating or fostering meaningful family relationships for every child we serve
  • Information about the number of children and families that participated in our programs during the year – 477 in total – up nine percent year over year
  • Stats about our impact:
    • 90 percent of children who complete our programs move to more permanent settings (families of origin, foster families, etc.) and remain successful after at least four months
    • 78 percent of youth studying with Maryhurst improve scores in core subjects
    • 84 percent of children exiting Maryhurst do so having completed treatment goals
    • As in years past, >90 percent of all expenses are dedicated to direct care programming

The report also contains important financial information and a list of our donors. If you have any feedback on the report, email Patrick Boardman at

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