fbpx Volunteer Spotlight: Civil Design – Maryhurst
January 31, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight: Civil Design

Group from Civil Design Inc. Hosts a Maryhurst Fundraiser

In late 2018, a group of Maryhurst volunteers from Civil Design Inc.'s corporate philanthropy arm, Civil Giving, began brainstorming ways they could amplify their company's support of our agency.

Civil Design has been a longtime supporter of Maryhurst, having done many in-kind volunteerism projects to improve the grounds and facilities of Treasure Home, our community home located in the Clifton neighborhood of Louisville. 

The team at Civil Giving landed on hosting a fun event for Maryhurst - one where they could get their staff, families, and friends excited about. Bowling was the natural choice, and the team began planning for their first annual Bowling for Hope event! Comprised of individuals from various Civil Design networks - including the staff at Maryhurst - teams came together to compete for bragging rights!

At the end of the day, the tournament's goal is to raise funds for the programs we operate that bring hope and healing to kids and families who are hurting. 

Thanks for all you do, Civil Design!

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